The Stone Lion

The Stone Lion is our first attempt through our newly formed company, Immortal Pawn, to create a game that incorporates a mix of 2 of our great passions. The first one are the board games themselves. The other one is the fascinating world of animals. The outcome of this attempt is a simple, fun and competitive game with an educational character, suitable for the whole family. It is a board game but it can also be played as a strictly card game.

We hope you are intrigued enough to support our campaign and help us reach our goal. Furthermore, if your support exceeds our main goal we'll be able to offer you some fascinating expansions for extra fun, play and learn experience. To get a sneak peek on the game you can watch the following video! Enjoy!


Our Amazing Team

The small crew behind The Stone Lion and Immortal Pawn

Manos Koufakis


Elena Koufaki


Valera Isakof

Molder & Caster

Frosso Vasilaki


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